When you call your TSG project manager, you call an entire TSG team.

The Sackett Group, Inc. (TSG) is particularly proud of the focused, personalized support we offer our clients. You won’t ever get an unfamiliar or inexperienced customer service representative answering your calls, because we don’t have customer service representatives. We have a TSG project manager for each client and a team of TSG experts to support you in all phases of your MacPac or Forte implementation.

Support is always available for urgent matters during our regular business hours, even if your TSG project manager is unavailable. After-hours and weekend support is available upon request.

For technical support please call 415.252.8842 or email us at support@thesackettgroup.com.

When you are considering a MacPac or Forte implementation, we consult with you to determine the focus and extent of your document automation needs. Drawing on our extensive experience, we guide you in:

  • Examining the workflow routines in your organization
  • Collecting sample documents
  • Reviewing your format requirements
  • Choosing product defaults
  • Deciding which of your documents to automate first

We then turn your sample documents into “blueprints” from which we draw the specifications for templates and automated functions.

Once the initial configuration phase is complete, your TSG project manager and another member of TSG come to your office to deliver, install, and test the product in your environment. During the installation visit, your TSG project manager provides the following services:

  • Provides an administrative overview of your new TSG product
  • Conducts train-the-trainer training in the use of the product
  • Answers your questions about the product, its installation, and our support process
  • Manages your requests for changes

Product maintenance, updates, and support services are available on an annual subscription basis. Your TSG project manager works with experts on the TSG team to provide the following support services via telephone, email, and internet-based tools for troubleshooting:

  • Updates to the core product (product enhancements and resolutions)
  • Troubleshooting for MacPac- or Forte-related issues
  • Analysis of “troubled” MacPac or Forte documents
  • Consulting in the use, training, and administration of MacPac or Forte
  • Administrator and train-the-trainer training (on-line)

Premium Support is available as a subscription program in its own right or is included in a Client Partnership program.

MacPac Partnerships

MacPac’s two partnership programs offer substantial technical training and personalized support for in-house administrators and developers. Both partnerships are purchased as annual subscriptions, and include the benefits offered in our Premium Support program.

The Administrative Partnership provides training and support in customizing templates that utilize standard MacPac functions, such as contact integration, author information, and letterhead. Administrators need no programming knowledge for these customizations, since about 85% of MacPac templates, including any specialized documents used by your organization, can be customized without code. A MacPac development tool, the Template Architect, is used to create and automate additional MacPac-like templates.

The Development Partnership provides advanced training for in-house Visual Basic (VB) programmers who wish to use the MacPac object model to build their own template and macro package.

Forte Partnerships

Forte’s three partnership programs offer administrative training and support for content development and customization and non-content related configuration and maintenance. Forte is designed for 100% codeless customization and the automatic distribution of customized content. Partnership participants learn to use a Forte administrative application for configuration and the Forte Content Manager and Document Designer interfaces to complete content design and automation within MS Word.

Each partnership program is designed to provide a different level of training and support in automating and customizing Forte. The three programs (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) are purchased as annual subscriptions, and all three include the benefits offered by our Premium Support program. Contact us for details.