TSG services make the most of your document automation software.

For over 25 years, we have helped clients increase productivity and decrease the costs of document automation through our consulting and training programs. We offer a targeted set of these programs for administrators, support staff, trainers, and advanced users, including:

On-Site Document Consultation

On-Site Training Consultation and Floor Support

Advanced Application Support Training

Advanced User Training

For end user training, please see our list of TSG Training Partners.

  • On-Site Document Consultation

    In addition to the extensive phone and on-line document consultation that TSG provides as part of a MacPac or Forte purchase, we offer on-site guidance and supervision of document collection and assessment. Choosing the right documents as templates and identifying potential formatting issues in the documents can be a difficult and time-consuming task for in-house staff. Administrators often struggle to get organizational agreement on formatting standards and boilerplate, particularly for conditional documents, such as agreements, proposals, wills, leases, and complex multi-document packages with question and answer storage. When TSG manages this process for you on site, your initial configuration is not only smoother and faster, but more fine-tuned and complete.

  • On-Site Training Consultation and Floor Support

    TSG can help you to tailor your training materials and course outlines to the way MacPac or Forte is used in your organization and to select training approaches and topics best suited for your different audiences (support staff, authors, administrators, etc.).

    After your end users have received their initial training, TSG can come on-site to provide floor support. With our help in troubleshooting system issues and responding to “how to” questions from end users, your own staff become more proficient in their ability to teach and support others.

    We can also provide advanced train-the-trainer training—either informally "on the floor" or in a classroom setting.

    On-line training for administrators and trainers is available as part of our Premium Support program.

  • Advanced Application Support Training

    This hands-on workshop is designed with your application or business analysts and IT support personnel in mind. We include a thorough architectural overview, customization/design techniques, end user tips and tricks, and advanced technical training for MacPac or Forte. This training lays the groundwork and best practices for troubleshooting issues by learning how to identify probable causes and how to most effectively resolve them. By including a technical overview of the product and end user functionality, participants will gain a deeper level of knowledge for supporting the application. We apply the techniques learned in class to your organization’s support tickets and have participants troubleshoot and fix the problems.

    This workshop provides traditional “Help Desk” training with some of the topics included in our Client Partnership technical classes .

    Advanced application support training is available for all TSG clients, whether or not you subscribe to a Client Partnership. For Client Partners, you can substitute a day or two of design and customization training offered as part of a Partnership for this class.

  • Advanced User Training

    MacPac or Forte users who have had time to become familiar with the software may enhance their efficiency and productivity by taking an Advanced User workshop that:

    • Teaches best practices of MacPac or Forte and MS Word
    • Unearths little-known or under-utilized features of MacPac and Forte
    • Presents tips and tricks
    • Addresses issues pertaining to your organization’s document automation workflow and use of MacPac or Forte

    Training is conducted at your office by a TSG project manager.